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Appearances are everything in our society today. They can make or break you. People have already classified you in their mind by just looking at you. When you look at someone who is wearing dirty clothes with holes who looks to have poor hygiene habits, you might assume that they are homeless and are going to do anything to get some extra change. This could be true, but one woman was giving a homeless man some money and her wedding ring fell in his cup. He got it appraised and found out it was worth $4,000. He kept it instead of selling it and when the lady came back the next day, he gave it back. 

You can’t tell about someone’s character by looking at them, but this doesn’t mean we don’t judge people without knowing anything about them. When people see someone considered ‘goth’ dating a ‘nerd’ in school, it gets a lot of attention and possibly some jeering for the couple. But they were in the same click then it would be considered normal. 

I don’t think people realize how true the saying “Dress to impress.” is. People make decisions based on impressions and, sometimes, the job comes down to what someone looks like. 

More on this later.


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